Wednesday, June 3, 2009


The first time I met Tyler, I was actually on the far side of the shelter from him. I was sitting with a fairly shell-shocked Staffordshire Terrier named Muffin, when we heard this sound; it was something between a howl, an air-raid siren, and an aircraft taking off. Muffin and I must have had the same quizzical look on our faces, because she indicated that she wanted me to go see who - or what - was causing the racket. Right now. Across the shelter I found this tiny little Corgi, alone in his kennel, head thrown back and wailing like his heart was breaking. I introduced myself and told him he wasn't alone in here, and Tyler broke into a huge grin, tail nearly wagging him off his feet.

Tyler seems to love people every bit as much as he hates being alone, too. I think if he could spend every waking moment with a human, he'd want nothing else out of life. He seems fine with other dogs as well, so long as they don't try to boss him around. Because at five years old, he's bound to know better than any wet-nosed, floppy eared kid anyway, right? Right?

UPDATE: Tyler's kennel was empty when I got there today. I found out later, though, that he'd been picked up by a rescue group. Hopefully, he'll be off having adventures with his new favorite people very soon!

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