Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Queen Maggie

Maggie is a grand old dame who welcomes her admirers but prefers they treat her with respect. An overzealous puppy will get a motherly reprimand and a regal turn of the head. She enjoys a brisk trot around the yard in spite of having hip displasia and would be a wonderful companion to a low-activity household with plenty of couch space to spare. She's a natural red-head with fur as soft as velvet and is quite happy to let you pet her all you want.

I was first drawn to Maggie because her age - nearly ten years old - seemed to present more of a challenge to work with than other dogs. In that assumption, I was completely wrong. She was obviously extremely active in her younger days, and doesn't even really let her hip displasia slow her down (except on tile or concrete, where traction can be a challenge sometimes). Maggie likes to be treated with respect; the picture above is Her Highness lecturing young Remo on the faux pas of jumping up on your elders. She doesn't take it for granted, though, and gives back every bit of kindness and respect that she wants for herself.

Oddly, I personally find all of her imperfections - her grizzled muzzle, random warts, knots and such - make her all the more endearing because of her pride and composure.

In all honesty, I don't know how much longer Maggie will be around; adopted or not. All I can say with certainty is that I think the world's just a little bit better for her having been in it.

UPDATE: Maggie was euthanized on June 5. Sleep well, pretty girl. We'll miss you.

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