Thursday, June 4, 2009


We first ran into little Remo about four days ago, and he was so scared I thought he'd shake himself apart. He's still a bit shy coming out of his kennel, but perks right up when he's out with an old friend - or a potential new friend.

In fact, we often use Remo as our "social interaction test dog" when we want to see how other animals react to strangers. He's about as non-threatening as a dog can get (somehow, there's almost nothing terrifying about a Pit Bull/Basset Hound mix), and he's pretty fearless when it comes to meeting other dogs or cats. And with people? After a minute or two to stretch his stubby little legs, he's all wags and glomping. Everyone loves Remo - just ask him.

Well, except for that time when Maggie scolded him. But who knew she didn't want to wrestle? Sometimes grownups just don't make sense, you know?

UPDATE: Remo was rescued on 6/12 and is a step closer to finding his forever home! Good luck, little buddy! We love you.

UPDATE #2: Good ol' Remo was rescued by the fantastic people at Metroplex Mutts. He's been neutered, house-trained, had his oil changed and tires kicked, and is ready to be someone's #1 sidekick. His Petfinder page is here; I got a little wibbly to see that he's still got the collar I gave him as a going-away present.

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