Monday, June 15, 2009


When Angel first came in, I didn't really even have time to sit down with her - I just brought her some food and water, and was off again. I later came back, and it took quite a while to get her courage up. Having recently been pregnant, Angel's belly and teats were still swollen, and she was confused and uncertain. She's still a bit intimidated by her rapid change of surroundings today, though after taking her out the first time, it wasn't difficult to see why.

Tugging and pulling on her leash, Angel seemed to have no interest in me at all. She dove from place to place, planting her nose to the ground and looking around frantically. Especially under things. Tables, cars, trailers... and then it hit me with a sudden tightness in my gut. She doesn't know where her puppies are. The first three times we took her out, we helped her look around, knowing full well that they weren't anywhere to be found, but hoping the effort would make her feel better. She certainly seemed to appreciate it, and she's calmed down quite a bit.

Of course, "calm" is a relative term. Though understandably slow to trust strangers, Angel absolutely loves to run and explore, and is certainly looking for a person who shares her adventurous, energetic spirit. She is smart and seems to enjoy being challenged mentally, which is a common trait in shepherds - she'd quite probably have a grand time playing games, or learning tricks once her "need for speed" has been sated.

UPDATE: Angel was put to sleep on June 19. I'm really going to miss your out-of-breath grin, and your curious face popping up over the edge of your kennel wall. You were a great gal.

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