Monday, June 1, 2009

A Brief Introduction

Hello, we're Tim and Sophie, a couple of folks who volunteer at the City of Irving's Animal Shelter in Irving, Texas.

We've come to realize the near-impossibility of getting to know a dog or cat from a 5-second walk-by in a noisy shelter, through a kennel door. At least, we're pretty sure we couldn't give much of a good impression in those circumstances. So we decided to create a place where you can get to know some of the wonderful animals in residence and maybe even find a new best friend.

Please keep in mind that we don't represent the Irving Animal Shelter, Animal Services, or anything of the sort. We just get to spend a bit more time with these guys than the average visitor. That said, it's highly encouraged that you visit your local shelter, wherever you may be. Some of these animals are desperate for positive human interaction, regardless of whether you can adopt them or not.

Lastly, we want to give props to all of the great folks at the City of Irving Animal Services. All of our features will be animals from the CIAS, who can be reached at:

City of Irving Animal Services
100 N. Briery Rd. (Animal Shelter)
825 W. Irving Blvd. (City Hall)
Irving, TX 75060
Phone: 972-721-2256
Fax: 972-721-2106

--Tim and Sophie


Dawn said...

Congrats for doing this blog to help these precious animals have a better chance at finding a home and/or rescue. Thank you!

Lisa said...

Tim and Sophie,
Thanks so much for commenting on my old blog - An Animal Shelter. I hadn't forgotten about it but its been a while since I looked at it. I parted company with that shelter soon after my last post and quit the Board of Directors over serious concerns about animal welfare and other issues. Since then I have dedicated myself to low cost spay neuter and worked with some other former shelter volunteers to create a group called the Helena Area Friends of Pets, Your blog is wonderful and I'm sure it will help the animals get the exposure they need to get adopted. Working with shelter animals is a sometimes joyful, sometimes heartbreaking, often thankless but always badly needed service.

The Brat Pack said...

I just found your blog through a link on Facebook and LOVE it. What a great service you're doing the Irving dogs.

We'd like to link you on our blog if you wouldn't mind. We have an Irving dog and have had Irving fosters in the past.

Maryann & The Brat Pack

Courtney said...

Hi Tim and Sophie,
I just stumpled upon your blog, doing some reading on rescued dogs. I recently adopted a cocker spaniel from a rescue organiation here in Ontario, Canada. She was a breeding bitch at a puppy mill.. And boy, you can certainly tell by her demeanour. I work with her everyday, and I found it heartwarming to see that it is truly possible to rehabilitate these beautiful animals. I honestly don't know, however, how you could possibly handle (psychologically/emotionally) all the euthanizations. Due to illness or temperament problems is one thing, but due to overcrowding? Ouch.. I get a bang everytime I read that in your featured dogs' updates. You two are brave, caring humans. I could only wish to be as strong as you two. Keep up the marvelous work. There is no doubt in my mind that your blog has led to the rescue and saving of countless dogs at the shelter that would have otherwise never been seen by their futur humans. Cheers, eh! :-)