Saturday, June 6, 2009


I was hesitant to work with Jake when I first saw him - I'm no expert on Pit Bull Terriers, and Jake is boisterous and energetic. It didn't take long to figure out though, he just hates being left out of the action, whatever that might be. As soon as he was out of the kennel and walking with me, Jake was calm, affable, and pretty darned polite.

While walking with him, Jake never tried to one-up me or contradict me like so many poorly raised Pit Bulls do. He was perfectly happy to wander around with me, jog with me, or just sit and hang out. And even though I was certain he had no idea what "wait" or "let's go" meant, he was attentive enough to intuit what I wanted him to do; an unexpected but welcome surprise in a dog as confident and independent as Jake.

UPDATE: When I got to the shelter today, I learned that Jake had gotten into a fight with several other dogs. I'm thinking it's an awkward combination of his unusual voice and "alpha dog" confidence. Especially since all of the dogs he appears to have problems with are other assertive males. Jake will probably require an owner who is a good role model - confident, firm without being overbearing, and calm even when those around them aren't.

UPDATE: Jake was put to sleep on June 8. You were a good dog, and I'm sorry I didn't tell you that a hundred times more than I did.

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