Monday, June 8, 2009


Anne is one of the many dogs that became adoptable today - and she wanted everybody to know it. From the moment I arrived, she was barking to get my attention. As soon as I walked up to her kennel, though, she sat quietly and intently, waiting for me to take her out.

For a grown-up lab, she's still got all the puppy enthusiasm that comes with her breed; which is probably why she wound up at the shelter in the first place. I've been told that she can hop a six-foot fence if she wants to, and I'd believe it. She's athletic and graceful, despite being a tad overweight, which suggests she may have been either kept indoors too much or left alone too much. Labradors are both athletes and devoted companions, and without enough action or interaction, can get a bit "stir crazy."

That said, I had no trouble with her when we went out to play. Anne usually came to me when I called, and often tucked her head under my hand when she did, prompting me for some affection. She loves walking and exploring a lot, and would likely make a good exercise partner. Unfortunately, she lost a bit of her "Labrador cred" with me when I found out she's lousy at fetch (how can such a thing be?). It looks like what Anne really needs is some good parenting, some physically and mentally active play, and a loving, structured family to be a part of.

UPDATE: Anne was euthanized June 15th. I owe you a lot of thanks, especially for just running around and hanging out with me this past week. I'll miss you, girl.

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