Saturday, June 6, 2009


While reading up on bulldog breeds the other day, I read that Bull Terriers are usually either wonderful or horrible - not much falling in the middle ground. So I was naturally a bit concerned with Romney, the ringleader of a threesome of strays that made their way into the shelter. He seemed fearless - even bossing around a boxer twice his size - making me worry he fell into the latter category. Over the past two days, though, he's staunchly proven my concern unnecessary.

Romney isn't a big fan of cats or other small animals, which is natural for most terrier breeds - originally bred to hunt small animals. When it comes to dogs, Romney seems curious and affable. He'll sniff around and gladly meet other animals, but woe betide the schmoe who tries to bully him around or bogart his food dish while he's dining. All the same, he'll eat out of your hand graciously.

Although we haven't had him out and about with other male dogs (Bull Terriers aren't famous for playing well with others, so we'll try to check on that), he had a great time palling around with Freya (see earlier post). And after a very short while, the playful, fun nature of the breed bubbled to the surface in him. He very much likes his toys extra-durable, and his people extra-happy.

UPDATE: Took Romney and Remo out for some playtime together today. Although there was an ongoing game of "I'm the big dog" between them (which is hilarious, given that they both stand about a foot tall), it seemed very good-natured and playful. They walked around together, racing each other over to me anytime it looked like there was some affection to be had. At one point, Romney even leaned over and gave Remo a cursory lick on the side of the nose, as if to say, "Eh, you're pretty OK, kid."

UPDATE: Thanks to the hard work of some amazing rescue and volunteer folks, Romney got himself a family all his own. He was neutered yesterday, and came out of the surgery happy, energetic, and hungry; his new family came and picked up their new best pal today. Here's lookin' at you, kid!

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Brenda said...

What a sweetie! Great picture. Keep up the great work. Your diaries are inspiring.