Sunday, June 14, 2009

Technical Note, and a Rant

Just a quick mention about some of the images on here:

We upgraded our Fotki account to a paid one yesterday - that's the good news.
Some of the images on the Shelter Diaries web log aren't showing up properly now - that's the... well, not so good news.

I'll keep an eye out over the next few days to see if things smooth out. If not, I'll think of some clever, overcomplicated "Plan B".

Also, I wanted to mention one thing specifically to the rescue groups that are bending the very fabric of space and time to sweep some of these (and so many other) animals out of certain doom and into someone's life. If you are sponsoring any animal appearing in our blog or gallery, you are welcome to use our images to help get them to the homes that they deserve.*

Well, I wanted to mention that, and the fact that you guys are big ol' heroes, every last one of you.

*NOTE: The photos we take are most certainly not intended to be used in the context of some of the libelous, hateful campaigns that well-meaning yet misguided people have been indulging in against various shelters and rescues, and the people involved in them. We volunteer at a "kill shelter," and applaud the efforts of the folks who break their own hearts day after day for the chance to save as many cast-off, "undesireable," abused, and otherwise forsaken animals as they can. Shelter Diaries most certainly will not take it lightly if you try to use our hard work against them.

Also, if you crosspost our blog entries, we humbly ask that you include the entire text of the entries; we love all of these animals like they were our own, but it is both dishonest and (in the end) potentially harmful to the animals and adoptors to 'sugar-coat' the rough edges of their personalities. Adoptions are relationships, not products. Thank you all, and let's keep on trying to make these animals proud of us.



Kathi said...

Thanks you both for taking the time to take photo's and tell everyone your input on these great dogs. I did use some of your quotes & photo's in a bulletin yesterday. Yes it was me, I shortened what you said because I have only so much space to post all urgents at Irving. I will try to post all or nothing. I have also added your link to the posts hoping to increase readers. The pictures are great to,just another view, other then a sad face behind bars.
So thanks for taking the time to meet these dogs they have stolen hearts across the USA. Kathi

Shelter Diaries said...

Hi, Kathy!

Please don't take my comments personally; it's just something that needed to be said. If someone out there takes too much liberty with "creative editing" of our posts, we could be legally held accountable for misrepresenting these animals should an unthinkable incident occur.

We appreciate the heck out of all your hard work, and definitely include you in the "big ol' hero" category mentioned in our post.