Friday, June 12, 2009


Marla is a bit of a dog of mystery. She's big and fluffy, and we're not quite certain yet if she gets her looks from Malamute, Shiloh Shepherd, Husky, or any of a number of "wolf-like" working dogs. She keeps her kennel quite clean (except at mealtime, when it's a big game of "flip the dish and watch that food roll" at times), leads on her leash but doesn't pull, and is generally affable and gentle.

Like Maggie and Romney, Marla seems to be one of those dogs that gives whatever she gets, be it affection or indifference. She's very observant, too - picking up on subtle body language, both in people and dogs. When I approached her kennel today, she barely reacted to my greeting of "Hey there, girl." But a quick glance at her and a jerk of my head toward her door had Marla on her feet and ready to go. On her leash, she appeared to be quietly patrolling our route, zig-zagging steadily to and fro as she moved.

Our mystery girl is also apparently as used to communicating as quietly as she listens. When approached by a boy with a playful puppy, I gently rested a hand on Marla's back, and she quickly sat down and waited for the little tyke to approach (she waited patiently for the boy, too). Layla, the puppy, jumped around and mugged on her, and instead of eating her, Marla dropped down onto her belly to be less threatening and more "puppy height." After Layla departed with her new family (congratulations, girl!), I leaned my head against Marla's and gave her a big hug. After a few seconds, she soundlessly shrugged and backed up a step to let me know that was enough glomping for one day. We'll have a great time getting to know more about this girl, I think.

UPDATE: Marla was rescued on June 16th, and it looks like if all goes well, she'll have a new forever home and family by the end of the week. We've got our fingers crossed for you, Sugar!

UPDATE 2: June 29th-- Marla was taken to her new forever home where she is already bestest friends with a sweet and smart 6 year old little girl. We could not be happier for her or for her new family!

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