Sunday, June 7, 2009


Volunteering at a shelter, one sees a lot of different - sometimes even unusual (see Remo) - crossbreeds of dog. Pit Bull Terriers are very popular, as are Labrador Retrievers; it's kind of a given that a lot of unexpected Lab/Pit mixes land on our doorstep. One such dog is Buddy.

His short, velveteen coat, white socks, and hardy physique are all praiseworthy traits of the American Pit Bull. His personality, on the other hand, seems to be that of a chocolate (brown) Labrador. It's a certain combination of playful, friendly, enthusiastic, and considerate that I've seen in several brown labs, and unlike just about any other breed I've worked with.

When I took Buddy out to try and get some photos, I wound up with a whole series of close-ups. He just wouldn't leave my side long enough to snap a picture. And it's difficult to write anything about him that doesn't sound like waxing poetic, because it seems like he's just an all-around good dog. If he received one bad trait from his Labrador genes, it would be his urge to jump up when he's happy and excited. It shows that Buddy came from a home with a lot of animals, too; he seems eager to meet everyone that comes by his kennel, human and canine alike.

UPDATE: Buddy's prospective adoptor from this weekend didn't show back up today, sadly. I'll try to follow Buddy's example and stay optimistic and upbeat, though.

UPDATE: Buddy ran out of time today. He was his happy, loving self to the end and the world's a little less sparkling without him. Our memories of him are full of his clowning around and exuberant affection.

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