Tuesday, June 2, 2009


When I saw Harlan come into the shelter, I thought, "Now that's one dog that won't be here long." Weeks later, I honestly have no idea why he hasn't been adopted. It might be because he's more than a year old, or because he's part Chow. Or maybe because he tends to jump up on you when he gets too happy. Maybe he just shoots laser beams out of his big, brown eyes when I've got my back turned.

Rarely have I seen a dog this hungry for human affection. What Harlan lacks in basic discipline he makes up for in eagerness, and would probably be a fantastic companion with a little bit of training and some regular exercise.

And as for the jumping up? He's already very gentle when he does it; the trick is to teach him when it's OK, and when it isn't. Unfortunately, that takes more time than we have to work with him at the shelter. And if animals keep coming in at the rate they are, it's very unlikely he'll last very much longer.

UPDATE: Harlan was put to sleep. You were a good dog, little pal. And you were loved.

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