Saturday, June 6, 2009


Sometimes, things move pretty fast and furious at the shelter - for example, one night last week saw twelve dogs dropped off between closing and opening the next day. And occasionally, little things get mixed up in the shuffle; on her original card yesterday, Freya was listed as "Franz," a male German Shepherd.

Of course, when "Franz" got to go out and play today, we noticed that something was odd, and got Freya all straightened out. She came in as a stray, so she's hoping her owner will come in and pick her up soon. Otherwise, she'll try and find a new family on June 10. Whoever winds up taking her home, they'll get quite a friendly dog.

As she ambled around with Romney, another dog at the shelter, I noticed that Freya seemed a little bit unsteady. It's possible that she has an injured back leg, or possibly even a touch of hip displasia (odd for a dog as young as Freya). She's underfed and fly-bitten around the ears, though, so not having her "land legs" isn't much of a surprise at the moment. Over the next few days, we'll be keeping an eye on her, and seeing if some good food and gentle exercise help smooth things out. That aside, young Freya is gentle and friendly, despite being obviously intimidated by her surroundings. Of course, I might just be biased, because she reminds me a bit of my family's first dog, a beautiful, gentle - and very huggable - shepherd.

UPDATE: Freya's limp had pretty much cleared up by the 9th, and on the 10th she was adopted by someone who I think had fallen for her the day she came in.

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