Monday, June 1, 2009


A lot of people come to the shelter looking for "apartment dogs" - small dogs they think will do well at home most of the day. Tootie gets constantly overlooked, because she looks like a large puppy - despite most likely being 3 or 4 years old. She weighs in around a demure 28 pounds, but has the lines of a much bigger dog. Tootie also isn't very energetic in her kennel, being a "grown-up," so people think she's not as friendly as the younger dogs jumping up and down and proclaiming loudly their youthful enthusiasm.

Unlike a chihuahua or terrier, Tootie doesn't usually have a lot to say. She's quiet, extremely friendly, and seems to like nothing better than a good roll in a sunny patch of grass. And as far as we've seen, she loves just about everyone - human and animal alike. Tootie's pretty thoughtful as well; she almost never pulls on her leash, and seems to prefer to keep "kennel" and "bathroom" two distinctly different things.

Sadly, as we mentioned earlier, Tootie has been passed over in favor of smaller and younger dogs for quite a while. If more animals aren't adopted than come in (not an easy feat in late spring/early summer), she'll likely have to be euthanized to provide space for incoming animals. It looks pretty grim at the moment, but we're still hoping she'll have a happy ending.

UPDATE: Tootie was rescued this morning and will soon have her own yard to wallow in to her heart's content. She is available through OPERATION KINDNESS. Please check out their website!

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