Friday, July 3, 2009



That's what Wendy's kennel card says. Hard to imagine someone would willingly leave this beautiful, gentle animal behind, but apparently that's what happened. Walking by her kennel today, it certainly looked like she'd been thrown away: she lay in the back corner, pressed up against the wall like a discarded sweater. I couldn't get her to come to me, even with treats in hand, so I got into the kennel with her and just sat there a while, talking to her and slowly scooting closer until I could touch her. She didn't seem to mind and even gave me a couple of tail thumps, but still would not so much as stand up. When Tim showed up, he also could not coax her out, so he literally scooped her up in his arms and carried her outside.

A leash is a foreign object to her and it seemed to scare her to feel it around her neck. However, once freed of it in the play yard, with Nick there to give her encouragement, Wendy trotted around and seemed a lot more at ease. She looks to be a cross between a Weimaraner and a Retriever, and her silver fur is so soft to the touch. As far as her personality goes, at the moment she is rather impassive to what's going on around her. Naturally, she's rather confused by being in a strange place with strange dogs and people, but she seems almost more depressed than frightened.

She did arrive with one companion, a mixed-breed male who also seems meek and spends most of the time lying on his kennel floor. I'm not sure what sort of life they had before being brought here, but my guess (and this is just Sophie here speculating) is that their abandonment started long before their owner left them behind. But Wendy seems to want love. If she moves nothing else, her eyes and tail express a welcoming warmth and she trusts us to touch her, carry her, talk to her and bring her out of her kennel and out of her shell. It's been only a day since we met her and we hope so much that we can win her trust and give her reasons to be happy, knowing she'll never be abandoned again.

UPDATE: Thanks to word of mouth, and I'm pretty sure Tajana and Almir had something to do with it, Miss Wendy was rescued on 7/7. I'm sure she'll blossom in her new home! Thank you to everyone involved in spreading the word about these dogs and finding them new homes. We all love happy endings.

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Tajana and Almir said...

I emailed Wendy's link to my friend, who is with Weimeruner rescue and I hope that they can find a place for this little girl.