Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I (Sophie) keep referring to Morgan as "she" but Morgan is a male. A neutered male as of last night, but a male nonetheless. Maybe I'm just sexist and because Morgan is such a gentle, affectionate little love bug, I automatically think "girl!" Or maybe it's because "Morgan" sounds feminine to me. At any rate, we like Morgan a lot. He is genuinely a sweet-natured dog and definitely best-friend material. He loves a good snuggle and will sit companionably beside you, or even in your lap if allowed to, and boy does he have kisses galore to bestow. He wasn't feeling so good today, understandably, but in spite of major discomfort, he tried to follow me out of his kennel. He should be feeling a bit more spry tomorrow and we can do more than just lay down together on a blanket on the floor, as we did today. (Yes, I would brave a pee-sprinkled blanket for this dog. He's just that special.)

Although young and energetic, Morgan is not hyper or obnoxious like some "spirited" dogs can be. He's a pleasure to be around and seems to get along with other dogs. Everyone who's met and spent time with Morgan really likes him. He's a pal. He'll hang out with you and relax, or if you're into walking or running, he'll keep up with you. You're the boss. Just be sure to give him things to do and ways to please you.

He'll even let you squish his face.

UPDATE 7/16: He was feeling much better today and spent a lot of time with various people and dogs. He is relaxed and friendly and just one of the best darn dogs I've ever met. Totally glompable and patient with not-as-friendly dogs. 100% good dog.

UPDATE 7/27: Morgan was part of a group of dogs rescued by the SPCA. He'll be safe and cared for until his forever family finds him. Congratulations, Morgan!

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Christy said...

HURRAH FOR MORGAN! Of all the amazingly sweet, adorable and desirable dogs that come through, he's still something special.

He makes me wish I could possibly fit him in my own home and that whoever adopts him (because HOW could he NOT be adopted?) might have to have followup home checks to be sure our Morgan gets the fabulous home he deserves! And, of course, we get to keep on loving on him...