Sunday, July 19, 2009

Naomi and Her Puppies

It was love at first sight. One of the shelter employees told me to go take a look in the last kennel in the very back: I did and was greeted by a pair of the bluest eyes I have ever seen, a heartbreakingly sad face and eight beautiful one-week-old puppies. Knowing that new moms can be protective, especially around strangers, I approached as politely as I could. She didn't seem defensive at all, only somewhat vigilant as I picked up one of her puppies. She was nursing four of them and another four were burrowing under the dirty blanket her owners had left with her when they ditched her and her puppies because they "can't afford them."

While she let her pups nurse, I picked up the non-nursing ones and set them on my lap where Naomi could lick their little bottoms to stimulate them to pee. Yes. On my lap. But that's okay. We were a team, and just as soon as she was done with one, I'd bring her another one. Like any other octomom (yeah, I had to use that lame joke) she's going to need help raising her family. She needs a spare room, access to food, water and a yard. She's a fantastic mother and very gentle and trusting of humans. Hopefully, someone will come to her rescue and give her a safe place to raise her puppies until they are old enough to be adopted out. She appears to be a mix of shepherd and ??? I think her card says "Cattle Dog" but I have no idea. What I do know is that she's a great dog, and her puppies are soooooooooo freaking CUTE! The shelter is no place for them, though. They don't even have their eyes open yet. If anyone can be a dog-nanny, now is the time to step up and rescue them.

Four of the eight puppalumps

NOTE (From Tim): Naomi's situation is dreadfully serious. Sadder still is the fact that her situation is dreadfully common. Every Spring and Summer, people drop off litters of dogs and cats that their "little angels" have managed to somehow produce. More often than not, when faced with the fact that their animal can and often will reproduce without being neutered, they simply discard their original pet as well. Think spaying or neutering is too expensive? If she could talk, Naomi would say that surgery was the cheap end of the equation.

An animal shelter is no place for a pup or kitten; there's just no denying the necessity for a foster or rescue. And somehow, if one can't be found, or if Naomi and her puppies are lost to illness or the crushing reality of overcrowding... somehow, those same owners will likely point an accusing finger at the people who took up the burden of their irresponsibility.

UPDATE(7/20): Although this past weekend was pretty much a nail-biter regarding Naomi, a rescue group stepped up today and took her and the puppies in. It doesn't really change the way we feel about the circumstances of her arrival, but we're thrilled and relieved beyond belief that they're all at least safe now.


Chylynn said...

I just saw on Russell's email that this mama and her little ones were rescued! Happy day! You are absolutely right...the shelter is no place for puppies and kittens.

Mariyaodessa said...

awww so glad it ended alright ^_^.