Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sarge, Part 2: Fetch!

Through some logistical miracle, Sarge has managed to hang on at the shelter for nearly a week now. Yesterday, I needed to take young Nedra (who appears to be a Pointer/Jack Russel Terrier Mix... talk about your energetic dogs!) out to burn off some excess jitters. Sarge wasn't at all happy about being indoors on such a nice day, so I took him out as well. I figured, why not let the old fella' hang about and watch the puppy ricochet around? Why not, indeed.

I threw a tennis ball across the yard, and Nedra chased it playfully. Sarge watched intently. The next throw was a bank-shot off of a wall, and Nedra homed in on it like a missile. Suddenly, there was a flash of black, a flurry of grass, and the ball was gone from under her nose. Sarge ambled over to me, chewing the tennis ball absently, and dropped it at my feet. A few more throws saw the two dogs racing each other to the ball, having a grand old time. Then Sarge leapt up and snatched the ball out of the air. After that, little Nedra plopped down where she stood, and just watched the old German Shepherd admiringly.

Pretty darned spry for an 8-year-old...

Today was another good day for fetch, and Sarge got to stretch his legs solo this time. He's not too keen on the big red rubber ball, but the felt-covered tennis balls bring out the puppy in him. I honestly had no idea that he could run that fast, jump that high, or scramble that nimbly. It was obvious that he was having a great time, and just as obvious how proud he was when he'd manage to grab the ball in-flight. And every time, without fail, he'd bring the ball back to me, ready for another go.

After a good, long game, I decided it was time to head inside. I put the ball down, walked over to the gate, and picked up Sarge's leash. He followed cheerfully, but stopped a few feet short. Looking around for a second, he darted back across the yard, grabbed the tennis ball, and nudged it into my hand. We did a second round of fetch, until he seemed satisfied. Then he politely tucked his head into his leash, and we headed back inside.

All the way from the playpen to the back door of the kennel area, he pranced along like a puppy as he walked.

UPDATE (7/27): When we came to the shelter today, Sarge was gone. We figured he'd been euthanized first thing in the morning, but it turns out the old boy was adopted! We are thrilled for him and hope he and his new family are a good match. Much love to you, Sarge and to Ryan and Addie, his new "parents!"


Ryan said...

Just to give you an update on Sarge, my girlfriend and I adopted him today. He's a very friendly laid back dog and he'll make a great pet. I'm very happy I could make a difference in his life. I want to thank you for your information on the dogs, because without you, Sarge might not have had a chance. Today Sarge can run and play and live out his happy life thanks to your efforts and writings.
Thank you

Shelter Diaries said...

Thanks for the update, Ryan! He is a great dog and it sounds like you'll all make one happy family. Hope you've stocked up on tennis balls!

Addie said...

This is Ryan's girlfriend, I'm the one who showed him the postings about Sarge and went with him to adopt him. He's so awesome and totally sweet. And about the tennis balls...we already went to petsmart first thing and bought a six pack!

Ryan said...

Yes, I did stock up on tennis balls, 6 for $5.00.... :-) Sarge is a great match with our other 2 dogs... a Doberman & a Shepherd/Akita mix. Keep up your web site, it does make a difference!

Shelter Diaries said...

Oh good, he's got all sorts of pals to play with then. We would love to hear how he's doing in the future, so please keep in touch! Give the old guy a head-scratch from us, would ya?

Shelter Diaries said...

You rock, Addie! Sarge is one lucky fella.