Sunday, July 19, 2009


Amy is a ray of sunshine inside the walls of the Irving Animal Shelter. With her smooth, puppylike face and meltingly sweet chocolate drop eyes, it's a real stumper as to why Amy is still there. She's a really good girl for a puppy and loves to play with everyone she meets - whether they run on two legs or four. In one of our first meetings together, I sat down in her kennel with her and proceeded to have my face licked so frantically that my glasses fell off. She's not a bit aggressive or bossy and although she thinks everyone is her playmate, she acknowledges discipline from humans and other dogs.

When we took little Amy outside with a gruff older dog named Sarge, she bounded around him, play-bowing and clambering over his head and back. Good old gent that he is, Sarge endured it patiently up until the point he didn't, whereupon he pushed her down and "mounted" her (showing dominance, not trying to mate). She rolled onto her back happily and told him "Yuppers, you're the boss. Now let's play!" - then it was back to jumping, bounding and playing tag.

(Sarge, despite his bluster and cufuffle, is another wonderful dog about whom we will post shortly.) Amy doesn't seem to have any personality problems, unless you consider slobbering affection to be a problem. Those of us who know her just don't understand why no one has taken her home yet. She's adorable, smart and loving. She's very special and deserves a lifetime of love. She deserves a lifetime, period.

UPDATE (7/20): Amy and Sarge are two of the only three dogs left on the "Urgent List" this week that haven't been rescued or adopted. It's kind of a bittersweet thing, considering how many other dogs were actually saved today (see Naomi's entry, among others). Tomorrow, the shelter will check to see how much space they have left, and "re-evaluate" the situation. It's looking hopeful, although I've learned not to trust certain kinds of hope.

UPDATE (7/25): Amy was reclaimed by her owner, who apparently has been looking for her for weeks. We're very glad for her safe return.


Christy said...

Amy really is just awesome. You can put her with any other dog and she's great. She has amazing manners, considering she's just a pup still, and she's as beautiful outside as she is on the inside.

Her only "flaw" and the only reason she is still here, cheerfully awaiting whatever end fate has in store for her, is that she was born a pit bull, although an exceptional one in a shelter with several gentle, calm, well-mannered exceptional pits at present.

Families are missing out on some wonderfully loyal, affectionate, and playful companions.

Tajana and Almir said...

Amy looks so lovable. Is any rescue going to get her and try placing her? I have three dogs at home and would love to get one of them, but can't due to having so many at home. I'd love to hear of a happy end for Amy.