Monday, September 21, 2009


Moon is a stunningly beautiful Border Collie with a great personality, so we're not really worried about whether or not she gets adopted. She will. She's not too big, very pretty, friendly to everyone and a volunteer favorite. Our concern is that she end up with the right household; one that can give her enough exercise, mental challenges and something to DO so that she does not become bored and therefore destructive.

Her previous owners relinquished her for the reason "Not enough time." It's a frequent refrain and with a Border Collie, it is not surprising. These dogs are bred to herd flocks, and in the city, flocks can be cats, wildlife or the neighborhood kids. They are also considered by many experts to be THE smartest breed of dog. Therefore they need owners who can keep them challenged and give them a job to do every single day. This is not a lawn ornament nor a dog for a couch potato or lazy owner. Imagine you are a teacher and someone has placed a hyperactive Einstein in your care and you have some idea of the challenges of this breed.

Moon is such a lovebug and eager to learn. She's not shown any aggression toward cats, people or other dogs but she does need some basic training. Her desire to chase the birds outside the shelter or to round up people and dogs as they walked across the parking lot made for some fast and desperate leash-grabs. She would likely do best in a household with another dog to keep her company when her people are away, and a firm but loving owner will win her respect. Border Collies should not be bullied or intimidated. They are too smart for that. Give Moon a reason to adore you and plenty to do, and she'll be your best friend forever.

UPDATE (Sept 25): Ms. Moon was picked up yesterday (as were, thankfully, several dogs) by a rescue group. That is happy news, indeed.

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