Sunday, September 13, 2009


At first glance, Kuno can look like a pretty tough customer. There's little doubt that he is tough: there doesn't seem to be an ounce of his hefty frame that isn't muscle, and he seems to have no idea what the word "uncomfortable" means. And like most real "tough guys," he's got the heart of a playful puppy.

In fact, if Kuno had one flaw that we could point to, it's that no one ever taught him the difference between a 6-pound puppy and a 60-pound grown up. He's starting to grasp the concepts of walking vs. dragging, snuggling vs. head-butting, and his kisses occasionally have a bit of teeth to them (note: that's "teeth" as in a puppy-like nip - which all dogs have to be taught not to do with people - and most definitely not a malicious or forceful bite), but he is still a bit of a newcomer to the whole thing, and could use a friend (or family) with a bit of patience and understanding while he's learning. He may be an older dog, but wants very much to learn some new tricks.

Learning that "jumping up" is only
all right when asked to do so.

Kuno isn't a celebrity award-winning fetcher, mostly because puppy games seem less fun to him than running around and just hanging out with the people he's fond of. I get the impression, though, that he'd love to learn new things, as long as he thought it made the folks around him happy. In fact, being around happy people seems to be at the top of his short list of "must-haves": food, some fun exercise, a tree to pee on from time to time, and the love and approval of his packmates.

He takes to new friends quickly and will be a loving and faithful member of someone's household. If you want a tough-looking dog with a great disposition, you really should come meet Kuno. He'll be thrilled to meet you.

UPDATE 9/16: Along with Royce and several other top-notch dogs (please check the "Urgent Dogs" sidebar), Kuno is on the "short list." If the shelter has another day as unbalanced as the past two (we're talking a 5- or 6-to-1 ratio of "in" vs. "out" here, people), both he and Royce will very likely have to be put to sleep to make room for incoming animals.

UPDATE 9/22: Kuno was finally rescued today! We're so glad he's safe now. Be good, fella!


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