Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bradley (code name: The Gryffon)

I'll let you in on a little secret: sometimes Tim and I "rename" the dogs. We call this guy "Gryffon" (although Tim might argue me on the spelling of it). I'm writing this entry, I get to spell it like I want. :D

Gryffon, er, Bradley is an Irish Wolfhound mix. What the other part of the mix is, well, that's up for debate. Maybe Labrador? He's a really down-to-earth, relaxed sort of dog. He gets along well with both hyper puppies (one a terrier, one a German Shepherd) that we introduced him to. As you can see from the following photos, he really is a gentleman even under duress:

The smaller dog is Pepper, who we had planned to feature as well, but she, like the German Shepherd puppy, was adopted today. As sweet and adorable as the younger dogs are, Tim and I are both really drawn to Gryf. He has a lot of character in his somewhat scruffy face and his kind eyes. At first he was very timid, scooting back to the far end of his kennel when we'd come visit. But his caution gives way to trust eventually and he enjoys a walk outside and a scratch behind his ear. He's not glompy or overly-salacious with affection. Perhaps with time and the comfort and security of a forever home, he'll come out of his shell and express his affection more readily. He's a great dog and will just get better with time and love.

UPDATE 9/10: Our sweet boy was put to sleep this morning. Someone wanted to adopt him, but apparently he was too ill to be adopted out. I'm so sorry we couldn't save you soon enough, Gryffon. We loved you, though. I hope that made your last days a little bit better. Good bye, buddy.


Tajana and Almir said...

Absolutely great looking dog. Hope he finds a great home.

Tajana and Almir said...

I just posted his story and his photo on my FB. We intend that he finds a great home with owners who will lavish attention and love on Gryffon (Bradley). Love, Tajana and Almir