Wednesday, August 5, 2009


We don't feature puppies much here on Shelter Diaries. Puppies are cute and popular and pretty much sell themselves. Everyone seems to want a puppy but so many times we get these same little guys back six months to a year later because they outgrew the "cute" phase and were never properly taught how to be civilized dogs.

I'm not sure why Squeeky was brought in. He was friendly, happy, affectionate and so darn cute. In fact, one of the things Tim told me a week or so ago-- the day that Squeeky came in-- was that he looked like our Rufus did at that age. When I met him at the shelter the next day, I had to agree. I got into his kennel and cuddled him and kissed him and laughed as he kissed me back, even though he nipped my chin and nose as he did so. Here was an awesome puppy who just needed a bit of training.
A few days later, the area he was being kept in was quarantined off after a couple of dogs came down with a serious illness. We weren't allowed into the area for a few days. I worried about my little buddy and was so happy to see him alive and happy a couple of days ago. He was curled up in his "nest": a plastic bin with a blanket inside. We snuggled and played a bit and then I went to make the rest of the rounds.

Yesterday, Tim and I took him outside to get some photos. His favorite game seemed to be "chase," and he happily ran after us, then turned and let us chase him.

In fact, the only way to get him to hold still was to either roll him over on the ground or else pick him up. We had so much fun but it was hot out and our little buddy had dinner waiting for him inside. I put him back into his kennel and said goodbye.

It wasn't supposed to be forever.

He was a tough little stinker, but puppies are fragile and when sickness hits, it tends to harm most the very young and the very old. Squeeky became ill quite suddenly and was euthanized today. I'll never know the kind of dog he'd have grown up to be, but I like to think that he'd be like my Rufus.

I miss you, Squeeker. I love you.


Anonymous said...

He is so darn cute. I'm so glad you were able to give him such a wonderful day before he passed. This just makes me want to cry.

Thank you for what you do.

Kimmy said...

Bless you and the time you spend with these animals. The only love they have ever felt in their lives most likely came from you. I am in tears right now. I would love to come spend some time with these dogs. Can you let me know when you go to the shelter sometime so I can meet you there and show me the ropes?

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for giving these animals love and compassion. I admire what you do and the time you spend writing these amazing stories. I wish you many blessings and I admire your efforts.