Sunday, August 16, 2009

Shelter Diaries on hold

Due to an outbreak of illnesses at the shelter, as well as personal reasons, Tim and I will be taking a break from the blog for a few weeks at least. We're still very much devoted to helping our furry friends, but we need some time to recover from a rather traumatic week. We wish all the best to our friends, both human and animal, at the Irving Animal Shelter and are deeply saddened by what's happening there.



Anonymous said...

Hey guys - so sorry to read about Buster and the outbreak at the Irving Shelter -- I know how heartbreaking it is. Hope the time away gives your hearts time to heal so you can continue your good work. I too do rescue work and it can be quite disheartening. But when you see an animal connect with a new family then its reason to keep trying. Head pats to Rufus and thanks for taking the time to write such a wonderful, insightful blog.

Tajana and Almir said...

It makes me wonder, however, how come that the City of Irving doesn't protect the dogs better. Why don't they have glass cages and ensure that animals are protected against infection? The white GSD puppy that we rescued from there also came down with distemper, and they said that they had not even vaccinated it. I think there is some policy change that needs to take place, as a great number of the dogs that come out of that shelter die or come down with either parvo or distemper.

Shelter Diaries said...

Tajana and Almir:

Apparently, there are some major steps being taken this week to help lessen the likelyhood and spread of diseases in the shelter. This is a very good thing.

The vexing thing about CDV is that it is so varied - it can take anywhere from a few days up to three months to appear in an infected animal, and a dog that comes in with distemper is actually worse off after vaccination. It's a frustrating and heartbreaking situation all around.

Even more frustrating is that Sophie and I have to wait until we are 100% certain Rufus hasn't contracted the disease before doing any further work with other animals. That means a lot of waiting, and a lot of Rufus' adolescence spent isolated from other dogs.

Tajana and Almir said...

Oh no, we will pull for Rufus that he is clear of the disease. I know that you had already vaccinated Rufus, but I also have heard how disheartening that terrible disease is on dogs. You guys gave little Buster a good home and love, and that is what dogs appreciate, even if they get sick. We love our three dogs and would feel like you do if something happened to them. Keep us updated on Rufus.

The people at the Irving pound will hopefully (and finally) find a good solution to where the dogs will be separated from the beginning. Why not have plexiglass cages? Just look at the City of Plano, and their shelter. Why is Irving so different?

Kathi said...

Irving is not so different when it comes to these out breaks at random. Mostly at a over full time. This happens everywhere once in a while. Parvo or distemper has hit every Georgia shelter Ive worked with. Wish people would vet and want to keep there pets safe. but when the going gets tuff lets dump the dog. This with Rufus could have happened at any shelter any time. It strikes all over when every shelter is over flowing and there are multy dog kennels.
I'm sad for all the lost dogs this week they all touch my heart each one. So I understand why you would not want to be there anyway. Also sad to hear the little white pup Keely? got sick to :( thought he snuck out safe, he was a cute boy. Could you email me when your back? and I hope Rufus is ok I'll have my everythings crossed for him. Thanks I'll be looking forward to reading up dates again Kathi

Kim said...

I am so sorry to hear about Buster. I've been through a similar situation with a foster I took in. Wylie, too, brought distemper with him. He was fine for the first three days, then bam, he was sick. I worried about what I had done and would my other three get sick. Luckily I had always kept them vaccinated, but it didn't lessen my worries. We were lucky. Wylie actually survived with vigorous treatment. He never got as far as the neurological symptoms. He came through with no issues, but he was exiled for 2 months from the others in a bedroom with the door closed. Not the way a 12 week old puppy should be living. Then once he was pronounced well, he was still quarantined for another 30 days. They climb into your hearts so fast, and leave such big holes when they are gone, especially when something so stupid as this could be prevented with a $15 vaccine. I feel your pain and loss and give you huge prayers for Rufus. He should be ok. Mine were. Don't let this stop you from doing your wonderful work. But definitely take the time to grieve and to make sure everyone is ok. Buster was a special boy and you were blessed to have him even if it was a short time.