Sunday, March 7, 2010


Sandy is, to put it plainly, the ugliest dog at the shelter. Her eyes are red and baggy half-covered by the membranes surrounding them, her tongue protrudes from her mouth constantly, her teats are like wads of chewed bubblegum hanging from her underside and she has a permanantly protruding vulva from her years as a puppy-mill bitch. She was smeared with feces and her legs calloused and scabrous. And I absolutely love every inch of her! One might think that a dog so used and mistreated would want nothing to do with people, but Sandy is so full of affection and trust, she has surprised everyone at the shelter with her good nature and manners.

Tim and I took her outside for a much-needed bath, and she was so good on the leash and really enjoyed stretching her legs and soaking up some sunshine. She didn't like the cold water but she was really brave as we scrubbed away the dried poop from her shoulders, legs and backside.

I let her stay outside in the sun for almost an hour while she dried. She liked the grass but was quite happy when I laid out one of the towels for her to sunbathe on. If I walked away, though, she was right there following me. She is not stingy with the kisses either and her tongue is surprisingly long! She doesn't know what to do with a ball but she does enjoy just hanging out and watching the world go by.

Like I said, Sandy is not going to win any beauty pagents, and is going to have to get by on her personality alone, but given a chance to love somebody, there is no one who shines brighter.

UPDATE 3/09: Sandy met two outgoing female dogs in the lobby of the shelter and did NOT like either one. I would suggest she not be homed with other females, and possibly not any other dogs at all. We'll see how she is around males and try again with calmer, older females.


Anonymous said...
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Shelter Diaries said...

Could you please email me more info on Sandy ? What would I need to do to adopt her? my e mail is ********. I am at work tomorrow but can check about every hour.
Thank you,

Thanks, Sherry! I'm sending you a reply right now. I deleted your original post, just to keep your e-mail address private. :)


sheila said...

Tim/Sherry - Sandy is on her way to a Kentucky rescue this weekend. I can give you the phone # so you can discuss adoption. As far as I know, she does not have an adopter lined up yet.

I posted her website & email address on FB


Yoda_the_Dog said...

Tim - mom and I have awarded you the Sunshine Award for this blog. While we cry a lot when we read your posts and updates, it is clear you bring sunshine to the lives of these animals. We don't know how you do it. Read about the award and how to accept it in my post While we know you deserve it, we also will understand if accepting it wouldn't quite fit with your blog.