Friday, February 19, 2010


I have only met Sadie briefly, so I will let Tim do the write up.  But I wanted to at least introduce her to you and show you her pretty pictures.  Sadie was dumped at the shelter by an owner who actually said "We're selling her pups but we just want to get rid of her."  Her teats are still swollen and lactating, so we're not sure just how long ago she gave birth.  Our own foster dog, Mia, was dumped with two of her puppies.  A new mother should have peace, quiet and security and her babies need to learn those things from her.  These horrible owners who treat dogs like puppy dispensers should be forced to work the "back room" of a shelter when these unwanted dogs are put to sleep.  Just let them see the final result of their thoughtless, careless actions (or inactions in the case of unspayed females.)

She is so scared and so timid.  No one is going to give her a second look.  She doesn't look like a cute little puppy or a heroic guard dog or a fancy lap ornament.  She looks small and dark and so very intimidated, but she's brave enough to trust you if you give her a chance.

Honestly, she probably won't make it out alive.  No one seems to really notice her.  But we just want those folks who will probably answer the "Puppies for Sale" ad or sign to know that the story doesn't end with the purchase of a puppy.  A lot of stories end on the cold steel table in the back of a shelter.

UPDATE (2/22):  Sadie never got her happy ending.  I sat with her and walked with her and played with her, but trust moves slowly.  And the current of human thoughtlessness moves swift and strong.  She was put to sleep today, to make room for incoming animals - most of them brought in by their owners.


Tajana and Almir said...

I intend for Sadie to find a good home, where her tail will always be up and wagging, her sad eyes will turn happy, and she will give love once again to a worthy human family.

Anonymous said...

Ya'll probably gave her more love and attention in a few days than she had in her short sad life -- thanks so much for doing what you do -- I know it's hard -- but you've saved so many lives just by making people aware of the injustice some people show to their animals --

Best regards,

Carolyn Perkins

Anonymous said...

noooo no i sit here crying looking at sadies pics, i would have taken her in a min if i was there and found this add b4 it was to late.