Thursday, January 21, 2010


When little Doak arrived at the shelter, I honestly didn't give him much thought. I figured, He's young, friendly, smart, extremely cute... He'll be adopted right away.

That was about a week ago, and I can't understand why he's still here. Maybe he comes across as too stand-offish; perhaps it's because his multi-colored eyes give him an unusual gaze. Or maybe his intense culinary fascination with all things green and grassy seems a little obsessive-compulsive in a puppy so young.

Doak knows a good vintage clover when he sees one...

I get the impression that Doak isn't unaffectionate or aloof; he's just a bit bored. For a four or five month-old puppy, he's got a lot of cleverness in that cute, fluffy head of his. Even if he'd received all of the social interaction that a growing pup needs, the odds are good that "fetch" or "chew on the squeaky toy" won't hold his attention forever. Although I might be wrong, Doak certainly gives the impression that his "working dog" bloodlines run deep and strong, and he'd be happiest with some invigorating challenges to keep his mind and body sharp.

That said, little Doak has plenty of aptitude in the fine arts of snuggles and affection as well.

UPDATE 1/22: Doak was rescued! We're so glad he's safe and on the way to being a great pet.

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